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MTV schedules from the 1990's
« on: September 16, 2016, 03:29:39 AM »
A stark contrast to the network in 1992 and even MTV Classic

Something I've been looking for since I've only found listings from the mid/late 1990's


MTV schedule on October 31, 1990

5:00 AM Music Videos
6:00 AM "Awake on the Wild Side" (music videos and interviews)
8:00 AM Downtown Julie Brown
11:00 AM "Remote Control" (game show)
11:30 AM Music Videos
2:00 PM "Totally Pauly" (Pauly Shore hosts a block of videos)
3:30 PM "Yo! MTV Raps" (music videos)
4:30 PM "Club MTV" (dance show)
5:00 PM "Dial MTV" (music video request countdown)
6:00 PM "Half Hour Comedy Hour" (stand-up comedy)
6:30 PM "Hot Seat" (celebrities hosting a half hour block of videos)
7:00 PM "Prime with Martha Quinn" (was when Martha Quinn returned to the network briefly  8))
9:00 PM "This Is Horror" (Profiles on  horror directors Dario Argentino, George Romero, and Alan Parker)
10:00 PM "Headbangers Ball" (music videos/Halloween edition hosted by Cinderella)
11:00 "Rocky Horror Videos" (clips of "Rocky Horror Picture Show" to promote a VHS release and the 15th anniversary of the movie)
11:30 PM "Post Modern" (music videos, weekday version of "120 Minutes")
12:30 AM: Music Videos

edited: "Rocky Horror Videos" wasn't a block of Halloween/horror themed videos, but a clips of "Rocky Horror Picture Show."
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Re: MTV schedule from Halloween 1990
« Reply #1 on: September 16, 2016, 04:26:31 AM »
MTV listings from 1994 to 1999
Even when they aired videos, it was mainly alternative, rap, and later teen pop acts

MTV December 14, 1994

6AM- MTV's Rude Awakening
7AM - The Grind
7:30 - MTV's Rude Awakening
9AM - MTV Blocks
10AM-MTV Jams
12N - Music Videos
4PM - The Grind
4:30 - Lip Service (game show)
5PM - The Real World
5:30 - MTV's Most Wanted Jams
6PM - Music Videos
7PM - Alternative Nation
7:30 - Yo!
8PM - MTV Unplugged: Bob Dylan (N)
9PM - Dumb & Dumber Movie Special (N)
9:30 - House Of Style: Best Of '94 (N)
10PM -MTV's Xmas With Mariah Carey (N)
11PM- Beavis and Butthead
12md-Alternative Nation
1:30 - MTV Dreamtime
3AM - Beavis & Butthead
3:30 - MTV Dreamtime

October 14, 1997

6AM   Dawn Patrol
7AM   Morning Jams
8AM   Music Videos
9AM   Music Videos with Ananda Lewis
12PM  Authentic Reproduction ('80's music videos with original MTV bumpers)
12:30  Authentic Reproduction ('80's music videos with original MTV bumpers)
1PM  The Pinfield Suite (music videos)
2PM  M2 with Jancee Dunn (M2 preview/music videos)
3PM  MTV Probe (don't remember)
4PM  MTV Jams Countdown with Bill Bellamy
5:30 Live Show with Toby & Ananada (interviews)
6:30  12 Angry Viewers (video commentary show with young adults)
7PM  Mattrock (don't remember)
8PM  Beavis & Butt-Head
8:30 Beavis & Butt-Head
9PM  Countdown to the 10 Spot with Toby
10PM  Countdown to the 10 Spot with Toby (David Bowie)
11PM  Countdown to the 10 Spot: series preview
11:30  Loveline (Call-in talkshow with Dr. Drew & Adam Corolla)
12:30  Singled Out (game show)
1AM  The Pinfield Suite (music videos)
2AM  MTV After Hours (music videos)

 May 14, 1999
6:00AM  DAWN PATROL-- videos
7:00AM  MTV NEWS LINK-- news  
7:30AM  JAMS COUNTDOWN--videos
9:00AM  MUSIC VIDEOS-- videos  
11:00AM  ROCKS OFF -- videos
12:00PM  The Tom Green Show  (comedy)
12:30PM  MUSIC VIDEOS--vidoes
2:00PM  MTV NEWS LINK--news
2:30PM  SAY WHAT?-- videos
3:00PM  Fanatic---television show
4:30PM  The Blame Game -- gameshow
5:00PM  JAMS COUNTDOWN-- videos
6:30PM  The Cut -- musical performance competition  
7:00PM  MUSIC VIDEOS-- videos  
7:30PM  MTV NEWS 1515-- news  
8:00PM  SAY WHAT?-- videos  
8:30PM  Video Cliches -- videos  
10:00PM  25 Lame--
12:00AM  LOVELINE -- tv show  
1:00AM  YO!-- videos  
2:00AM  JAMS COUNTDOWN-- videos
3:30AM  MTV AFTER HOURS-- videos

Plus August 1, 2011  ::)

12:00 AM Awkward.  Pilot  TV-14  
12:30 AM Awkward.  Knocker Nightmare  TV-14  
01:00 AM Jersey Shore  From the First Fist Pump  TV-14  
02:00 AM Disaster Date   TV-14  
02:30 AM Disaster Date   TV-14  
03:00 AM Disaster Date   TV-14  
03:30 AM Silent Library  Cast of "Jersey Shore"  TV-PG  
04:00 AM When I Was 17  Vinny, Sammi, Ronnie  NR  
04:30 AM When I Was 17  JWOWW, Pauly D, Mike 'The Situation'  TV-PG  
05:00 AM Jersey Shore  From the First Fist Pump  TV-14  
07:00 AM AMTV: 10 on Top Countdown   TV-PG  
09:00 AM Made: The Movie  Made: The Movie  TV-PG  
11:00 AM MADE  Pageant - Ariana  TV-PG  
12:00 PM MADE  Prom Queen - Sara  TV-PG  
01:00 PM Awkward.  Knocker Nightmare  TV-14  
01:30 PM Teen Mom (Season 3)  The Last Straw  TV-PG  
02:30 PM Teen Mom (Season 3)  Trials and Tribulations  TV-PG  
03:30 PM Jersey Shore  From the First Fist Pump  TV-14  
04:30 PM  Extreme Cribs    
05:00 PM Awkward.  Pilot  TV-14  
05:30 PM Awkward.  Knocker Nightmare  TV-14  
06:00 PM That '70s Show  Heartbreaker  TV-14  
06:30 PM That '70s Show  Ramble On  TV-14  
07:00 PM Teen Mom (Season 3)  Trials and Tribulations  TV-PG  
08:00 PM True Life  I Can't Sleep  NR  
09:00 PM True Life  I Have Too Many Siblings  NR  
10:00 PM  Teen Wolf  Co-Captain  TV-14  
11:00 PM Teen Wolf  Co-Captain TV-14
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Re: MTV schedule from Halloween 1990
« Reply #2 on: January 15, 2017, 03:34:41 PM »
Though honestly, their yearly countdowns explain more about the network, ie what they played and artists they favored, though felt like posting some listings found.

December 16, 1996

(Best of '96 programming)

6:00 AM "MTV's Rude Awakening" (music videos)
7:00 AM "The Grind" (dance)
7:30 AM "MTV Jams" (videos)
8:00 AM "MTV's Moesha Special" (promoting sitcom that starred singer Brandy)
10: 00 AM "Dr. Dre Presents"
Noon: Best of the Beach '96 (Either Spring Break or the Summer Beach House retrospect)
2:00 PM "M2" (MTV2 preview, videos)
3:00 PM "Rock n' Jock B-Ball Jam VII" (sports, celebs vs. atheletes)
4:30 PM "Beavis & Butt-Head Movie Special" (promoting "Beavis & Butt-Head Do America")
5:00 PM "Women of '96"
6:00 PM "The Year of Rock '96" (MTV News retrospect of the year)
7:00 PM "Idiots Savant" (game show)
7:30 PM "Singled Out" (game show)
8:00 PM "1996 MTV Video Music Awards"
10:30 PM "Best of Unplugged"
11:00 PM "Idiots Savant"
11:30 PM "Singled Out"
Midnight: Loveline" (call-in talkshow)
1:00 AM "120 Minutes: A Decade on the Edge"
1:30 AM "120 Minutes: The Decade in Video"
3:30 AM "Best of the Beach '96"
5:30 AM "Women of '96"

January 14, 1997

6:00 AM Dawn Patrol (videos)
7:00 AM Re-Grind (The Grind, alternate title)
7:30 AM Jams (R&B and hip hop videos)
9:00 AM Music Videos with Ananda (Ananda Lewis was a VJ in the late '90's)
10:00 AM Music Videos
1:00 PM "Mattrock Daily" (alternative videos hosted by Matt Pinfield), Honestly the worst pun I've heard if the title was a take off of "Matlock"
2:00 PM "M2 on MTV" (MTV2 preview/videos)
3:00 PM "All Time Top 10: Alternative" (videos)
4:00 PM MTV Jams countdown with Bill Bellamy (videos)
5:30 PM "12 Angry Viewers" (hipsters trashing on music videos that aren't alternative)
6:00 PM "MTV Live" (interviews and performance)
7:00 PM "My So-Called Life" (drama series)
8:00 PM Music Videos
8:30 PM "Beavis & Butt-Head"
9:00 PM "MTV Live"
10:00 PM "The Real World"
10:30 PM "Austin Stories" (tv show)
11:00 PM "Loveline" (call-in talk show)
Midnight: "Singled Out" (game show)
12:30 AM "12 Angry Viewers"
1:00 AM "Mattrock Daily"
2:00 AM "MTV After Hours"

October 13, 1999

6:00 AM "Dawn Patrol" (videos)
7:00 AM "MTV News Link" (news, MTV Week in Rock got cancelled sometime in the late '90's and different variants aired)
7:30 AM "MTV Jams" (videos)
8:00 AM "Beat Suite"
8:30 Music Videos
11:30 AM "Spankin' New Music"
Noon: "BIOrhythm" (celebrity profile)
12:30 PM "MTV News Link
1:00 PM "Hot Zone" (videos)
2:30 PM "Making the Video" (behind the scenes...actually a good concept, though a decade overdue)
3:00 PM "Daria"
3:30 PM "TRL"
5:00 PM "Say What? Karaoke"
5:30 PM "The Blame Game" (game show)
6:00 PM "Global Groove" (follow up to "The Grind", doubt they'd play international artists)
6:30 PM "MTV Jams"
7:00 PM "Beat Suite"
7:30 PM "Making the Video"
8:00 PM "TRL"
9:30 PM "Say What? Karaoke"
10:00 PM "True Life"
10:30 PM "BIOrhythm"
11:00 PM "Loveline"
Midnight: "Undressed" (tv show)
12:30 "Global Groove"
1:00 AM "Hot Zone"
2:30 AM "MTV After Hours"

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Re: MTV schedules from the 1990's
« Reply #3 on: January 17, 2017, 12:56:53 AM »
Here's an interesting read on the decline of MTV.  It doesn't really go into all the reasons why MTV has jumped the shark more than any channel in history but it does give a good, basic summary.  I did read an article not that long ago about how MTV made the mistake of becoming way too politically correct in its programming and tone and went too far to the left.  It became so PC that it turned off just about everyone but the most radical of radical students on college campuses.  I kind of doubt that the network will even exist in 10 years time.

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Re: MTV schedules from the 1990's
« Reply #4 on: January 17, 2017, 04:14:37 PM »
Viacom channels interchangeable since they air the same programming such as the same reruns of sitcoms, crime dramas, reality shows, and movies.

MTV Classic has recently reverted back to music videos 24/7 like the original network and VH1 Classic during it's first 6 years, but I think it's already way too late. Ironically enough, if VH1 Classic hadn't added various programming in 2007, music from the late '90's and 2000's would've been added sooner.

Majority of MTV's original programming from the mid 1990's to the present have been reality tv and many shows look to be based on whatever's popular at the moment such as stand-up comedy ("Half Hour Comedy Hour"), sketch comedy ("The State"), and edgy animation, which "Beavis & Butt-Head" was probably the most successful since "Celebrity Deathmatch" quickly got old and "The Brothers Grunt" flopped. Not to mention Cartoon Network's Adult Swim have currently filled that void since some of the shows such as "Rick and Morty" and "Robot Chicken" have gained a cult following. I recalled they tried a "Twilight" re-imagining of "Teen Wolf", which I noticed lasted several years despite not taking a bite of ratings.  

From their later programming, "Making the Video" would've been a memorable show if premiered a decade earlier rather than stand-up comedy or "The Real World." I vaguely remember the show until reading upon the listings. I've seen some three minute behind the scenes stuff (Debbie Gibson)  that was presented on "Week in Rock" or "Headbangers Ball" (Motley Crue) and also recall MTV/VH1 aired a version of Michael Jackson's 'Thriller" had would air with behind the scenes footage as well. I don't remember if "Making the Video" aired during the premiere or after video being on rotation.

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Re: MTV schedules from the 1990's
« Reply #5 on: January 19, 2017, 12:34:37 AM »
Recently CBS has been looking to unload Viacom.  I think you might call it a distressed asset.  Trouble is that there just aren't many interested takers.  If a sale does come through in the near future then the future of both MTV and VH-1 could be up in the air, if not even in doubt.  It could be a situation like the whole Comcast acquisition of NBCU where Comcast placed their networks under the control of NBC programming and they almost immediately did away with G4 and Style.

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Re: MTV schedules from the 1990's
« Reply #6 on: February 02, 2017, 08:51:10 AM »
Two late afternoon/prime time schedules from 1989  8)

March 18, 1989, from a newspaper clipping

6:00 PM "Week in Rock" (news)
6:30 PM "Big Picture" (movie reviews, interviews and clips of latest films)
7:00 PM "Video Jockey" (videos, from time frame would be hosted by Downtown Julie Brown, Kevin Seal, or Adam Curry)
7:30 PM "Spring Break" (videos, coverage of Spring Break from Daytona)
8:00 PM "Cheap Trick in Concert" (from Spring Break)
9:00 PM "Spring Break Comedy Special"
10:00 PM "Yo! MTV Raps" (videos)
11:00 PM "Video Jockey" (videos)

July 3, 1989, another newspaper clipping

6:00 PM "Dial MTV" continued (either from 5 or 5:30, which doesn't mentioned when it started, though usually featured the Top 10 requested videos)
7:00 PM "Remote Control" (game show)
7:30 PM "Just Say Julie" (comedy series featuring Julie Brown, not confused with "Club MTV" hostess Downtown Julie Brown)
8:00 PM "Big Show"  sounds like precursor to "Hangin' with MTV" (early 90s)  and "MTV Live" (1997/1998), not much info or footage though found two performances from Warrant and a promo featuring Hulk Hogan. Probably didn't last long. The title is too similar to "The Big Picture", which probably also confused viewers.
9:00 PM "Video Jockey" (music videos)
11:00 PM "Remote Control"
11:30 PM "Classic MTV" (older music videos, though several classic early/mid 80's videos are sprinkled in regular video blocks)

from description of "Big Picture" promo
It started with "Remote Control", and it continued with this movie program. What am I talking about? MTV straying from its' original concept, that's what.

I think MTV by the early '90's didn't really have a clear direction of their programming, which tend to focus on trends, gimmicks, and less on music. Especially on appealing on the youth demographic, which the network had that "in your face" approach with their programming and very often tried too hard to be "edgy' and "cool."

Beavis and Butt-Head poked fun at MTV's programming while watching a video for Weezer "Buddy Holly"

From a March issue of TV Guide (1988)

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Re: MTV schedules from the 1990's
« Reply #7 on: July 03, 2017, 12:53:39 PM »

TV listings on Christmas night in 1993


6:00 PM Music Videos   (just an hour block, though wouldn't  be surprised if non music programs  aired before it such as a "Real World" marathon or various programs)

7:00 PM The Year in Rock   (MTV news retrospect  of the year 1993)
8:00 PM "The Real World" ("reality")
8:30 PM "The State" (sketch comedy)
9:00 PM "Big Picture" (that was still on the air?)
9:30 PM "MTV Sports"
10:00 PM "Beavis &  Butt-Head" (animation, guessing the episode where they watch Christmas music videos)
11:00 PM "Headbangers Ball" 
The Ball would be shorterned to two hours by early 1994 and cancelled by January of 1995. By  this time, the show had already jumped by playing alternative videos from bands such as Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Blind Melon.

It's funny that Disney, when it was a family friendly premium channel  aired "Year Without  a Santa Claus" since it now airs on Freeform, formerly  ABC Family, and also  not a single Disney movie or non-Christmas program in sight from 6 to 11 PM in contrast  to "25 Days of Christmas"

I don't see Cartoon Network, though was barely new and not widely available. I remember getting cable in 1994 and watching Hanna Barbera and early Looney Tunes.

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Re: MTV schedules from the 1990's
« Reply #8 on: August 13, 2017, 12:12:07 AM »
I remember when my family got cable.  It was during the summer of 1984 and I think we had something like 40 or 41 channels.  Something like that.  It was about $10 a month and we were one of the last houses to get wired for it.  All of my friends except for maybe one had cable for at least a couple if not even three years before we got it.  That seemed to be the way it was, we were always behind everyone else when we got something.  Some of that had to do with money, my parents didn't want to get sucked into some fad that would disappear overnight or end up costing you a small fortune for little return.  Other reasons I'm not too sure of but we eventually got cable too.  We had one of those cable boxes that had that sliding channel selector and a really long white cable that screwed into the back of the box so you could pull it over to your chair instead of having to get up and walk over to the box everytime you wanted to change channels.  At that time 40, 41 channels seemed like a huge number.  Now I think I get something like 300 but the lion's share of them I never watch.  The number of channels has increased but I'm not sure that the quality of content has.  If anything I think it's gone the other way.

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Re: MTV schedules from the 1990's
« Reply #9 on: November 18, 2017, 02:42:46 PM »
MTV shows from the 1980's and early 1990's  prior to "The Real World" (1992)

Inspired by posts on early  Nickelodeon  and HBO shows from MeTV blog 

British imports and reruns


"The Young Ones" (1986 to 1988?)
"London Calling" (briefly aired in 1986, which didn't  click with viewers)
"The Tube" (see "London Calling")
"Monty Python" (mentioned on  1988 TV Guide advertisement)
"The British Comic Strip" (mentioned on 1988 TV Guide advertisement)
"The Monkees" (1986)
"The Beatles" cartoon (Promo from 1987 is on YouTube, 1960's Saturday Morning  cartoon)
"Night of the Living Dead" movie aired on Halloween sometime in the mid/late 80s
"Decline of Western Civilization II: The Metal Years" (documentary film aired in 1990)

"Jackson 5" cartoon might've aired since I recall seeing it day long marathons  devoted to Michael Jackson in the 1990's 

Original programming (non music)

"Remote Control" (1987 to 1990)
"The Big Picture" (1988 to 1993?)
"Mouth to Mouth" (1988 to 1989)
"Half Hour Comedy Hour" (?, some sources says 1989 or 1990 to 1991)
"House of Style" (1989 to 2000)
"The Big Show" (1989, not sure if intended as a limited series)
"Just Say Julie" (1989 to 1992, hosted by comedienne Julie Brown)*
"The Ben Stiller Show" (1990 to 1991, sketch comedy, music videos shown with comedy bits)
"The Idiot Box" (1990 to 1991,sketch comedy with Alex Winter with videos shown)
"Totally Pauly" (Pauly Shore does his bits in between music videos)
"Rock n' Jock" (1990 to ?)
"Sporting Fool" (1990, precursor to "MTV Sports")
"Turn It Up" (1990, failed game show that replaced  "Remote Control")
"Liquid Television" (1991 to 1994)
* Unlike other shows where videos would play, the host would riff on them (ie "Al TV",  "Beavis & Butt-Head")

Music news/documentary series:

"MTV Week in Rock" (1987 to 1997), MTV News  reports, which would appear towards the end  of the hour, actually dated back to the beginning
"Rockumentary" (1989 to ?)
"Buzz" (1990, avant-garde news/documentary program with random interview pieces, images, etc. randomly put together
"Rockline" (hosted by Martha Quinn, 1991 to 1992)

Early music programs: 1981 to 1986

"The Cutting Edge (1983 to 1987, somewhat of a monthly precursor to 120 Minutes
"Rock Influences" (1984? to 198?, interviews and video clips of  artists and their influences)
"Basement Tapes" (1983 to 1988? unsigned  bands compete, via music videos, to become signed to a major label)
"International Hour" (1986, videos from artists around the world, usually the UK)
"New Video Hour" (1986, latest music videos)
"MTV Top 20 Countdown" (1984 to 1998)
"Heavy Metal Mania" (1985 to 1987, precursor to Headbangers Ball)
"Al TV" (1984 to 1999, Weird Al hosts a block of videos)
"120 Minutes" (1986 to 2000)
"Dial MTV" (1986 to ?)
"Friday Night Video Fights" (1983 to ?)
"Closet Classics" (1983?, from an early bumper on YouTube,  to 1987?, performance clips and pre-MTV videos from 1960's and '70's)
Yearly countdowns (1984 to 2004)
Saturday night concerts
MTV Video Music Awards (1984 to present)

They also did the  New Years countdown during  it's  early years 

Music programs from 1987 to 1991

MTV Live from the Ritz (late 80's,  most famous episode featured Guns N' Roses from 1988)
"Headbangers Ball" (1987 to 1995)
"Club MTV " (1987 to 1992, dance show)
"Street Party" (1989 to 1992, dance pop  videos)
"Yo! MTV Raps" (1988 to 1995)
"Hard 30"/"Hard 60" (1988? to 1989, weekday version of "Headbangers Ball")
"Post Modern MTV" (1989? to 199?, weekday version of "120 Minutes")
"Unplugged" (1989 to ?, acoustic performances)
"Classic MTV" (1989 to 1990?, early/mid 1980's  videos)
"The Hot Seat" (1990, basically a guest VJ hosting a half hour of videos  5 days a week)
"Awake in the Wild Side"
"MTV Prime"
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