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About this site

he idea for this site was first thought of when I had some webspace at my internet service provider, I used the space to learn how to construct simple webpages. Back then, I did not know who or what I should do a site on, so I had a number of topics on the site.

In February 2000 I decided to convert my whole site exclusively to Deborah Gibson as I had a lot of material on her, and she seemed to get most hits to the then very small site.  Since then, the site has slowly grown into what it is today - a place where fans of Deborah can get clips of audio and video of her performances.

When I got a new computer, I was able to capture video and make MP3's of radio interviews / performances.  This is when the site really expanded both in file size, and popularity.  Finally, to make it easier to find the website, I decided to buy a website address - so instead of having a really difficult address to type or remember, it became easy to find the site because of it's short name, although I had to compromise a bit because the best names were taken already.

Over time, I have learnt how to code a better site - and even written my own scripts for use on my site (2004 design), which helps the site look clean and efficient in ease of use - as well as making it very easy to administer compared to previous layout versions.  The last advantage is that as it was my code, it was easy to change, and I didn't need to say on a page that someone else owned the code - because it was mine.

The 2004 layout may look pretty simple, but underneath it, it was very complex to design.  Whilst the graphics took little time, the coding of the pages took a while - especially in inserting all the latest code I had designed especially for the deb-ski layout.  In all, over one years work was dedicated to the new (2004) layout.

Below are screenshots of the various layouts that this site has had over the years.

Layout version 1
The first layout for the site - from February 2000.

Layout version 2
Layout 2 - to July 2001.

Layout version 3
Layout 3 - to May 2002.

Layout version 4
Layout 4 - to April 2004.