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The information and pictures on this site come from a variety of places. The contributors are;

- Atlantic Records.
- Espiritu Records.
- Golden Egg Records.
- Number One magazine.
- Smash Hits magazine.
- Deborah Gibson International Fan Club (D.G.I.F).
- BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation).
- Thames Television PLC.
- Channel 4.
- Channel 5.
- Capital Radio PLC.
- Various U.S. tv and radio staion networks.

Other contributors who wish to remain anonymous.

- Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Mozilla Firefox, Opera are copyrights © and trademarks ™ of their respective companies.

Other audio, video clips are copywritten as stated on the respective download sections (if origin known).

Lyrics are copywritten by the persons as stated on the respected lyric page you're viewing.

This website is run as a fan website and as such is a not for charge / non-profit run website.

If you think that any file(s) should not be on this website contact the author using a varifiable email address and the offending file(s) will be removed from this site. Anonymised email addresses will not be accepted as proof of ownership of a file / files.