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Album 5 - Think With Your Heart
Track 10 - Two Young Kids

Sitting at the table - tonight,
You looked so beautiful,
In the candlelight.
And looking at her - looking at him,
After fifty years,
I pictured you and I and candlelight,
And we would look so beautiful.
And two young kids,
Would be wishing - they were us.

Time it is a vision - unclear.
Blessed with adventure - and full of fear.
And looking at her - looking at him,
Made it seem so easy.

You're looking natural in my eyes.
We found lifes wonderful surprise.
And someday - two young kids,
Will be wishing - they were us.

Perfect love exists,
I've seen it for myself.
It's not kisses and moonlight serenades,
It's two people holding - on to happiness,
Before it fades.

I just cannot be here - without you.
Darling what's this heart - supposed to do?
It's suddenly here - crystal clear,
You are the one,   (You are the one).

I picture flowers - and me dressed in white,
And you and I and candlelight.
And two young kids,
Just wishing - they were us.

  Deborah Gibson.
  EMI April Music Inc. / Possibilities Publishing Inc. (ASCAP).