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Below is my open letter to Deborah Gibson over her decision to pose in Playboy.  ;If anyone wants to comment on this letter, then could you please use the forum for this site and not the guest book (it was not designed for that and the posting is likely to be deleted).

If you want to mail me about this letter, and the only opinion you have is to say I'm wrong, and your viewpoint is right - adding a few insults along the way - then save your time writing such messages to me.

Also, just because I have these views that are against other long-standing Deborah fans, it doesn't make you any more of a "fan" of Deborah's than I am.  A "fan" does NOT have to agree or like every single thing that an artist, in this case Deborah, does.  If you want to say that an artist can do no wrong, as some of you are implying, I suggest that it is you that has a problem, and not people like me that have the views I air below.

Tuesday 01 February 2005

Dear Deborah,

I am writing this letter in a saddened state that you have chosen to reveal your naked body to ogling men and women in Playboy porn magazine.  I write it here as I know the likelihood of it being passed onto you if sent to your fan club is zero.

To put this letter into perspective, I write this not as someone against porn or porn pictures, or as a "bitter woman" (I am a guy), but as someone that objects to the hypocrisy of your decision to pose, and the harm it will do to your career, and the humiliation of many of your long-standing fans that have stood by you no matter what.  As one of these fans, I am entitled to air my opinion.

Like many very long standing fans of yours, many of whom you will be losing over this single issue (and can least afford to lose), I would like to know why you did this?

The fact that you've chosen this unnecessary route in your career has exposed you to justified criticism of being at the very least, a hypocrite.  For all the times you have said "never" when asked about posing nude, to the times you have attacked other pop music artists like Madonna, Christina Aguilera, and Britney Spears over their "overtly sexual" nature of their acts.

Now you've sold-out your hard fought for good reputation for cheap publicity that will in my opinion ultimately backfire.  Prospectively releasing a single called "Naked" to coincide with the Playboy pictures is just shear tackiness over and above doing the Playboy pictures, why would any D.J play a song just because the artist at the same time has posed in a porn magazine.

I, like many fans, are left wondering, which of these reasons you will pick to justify your decision to do Playboy?

  • I'm comfortable with my body / sexuality.
  • It wasn't showing ANY / ALL my "bits".
  • It was "tasteful" (whatever that means).
  • They're "artistic".
  • It's empowering.
  • I was exploring my "sensual / sexual" side.
  • I look gorgeous.

As you've done this photo shoot, why didn't you show everything, you say you're "comfortable with your body" to be in Playboy... show it ALL.  Or is that too much to "show off" to all the people with their masturbatory fantasies?  So you're not THAT comfortable with your body !

You stated in many interviews over the years, that in not doing such pictures, you would leave something to the imagination.  But even doing (by your definition "tasteful") pictures, you actually remove any such imagination.  You may be a beautiful person to look at, but with these pictures, you reduce yourself to an object.

A few people contact me and come up with the line... "people change".  That may be, but to do a 180 and do something like Playboy, no matter how "artistic" and "tasteful" you claim them to be, is beyond belief.  If you're that desperate to have naked pictures of yourself, why not have them done for YOURSELF, in private.  What is the point of showing off to the rest of the planet?  Do you really need that kind of public acceptance or ridicule?

You will no longer be known as Deborah the musician and actress... it will be that former teen-pop star that posed for Playboy.  Posing didn't help Tiffany, and it certainly won't help you.  In fact, you can straight away kiss any "children's" theatre productions goodbye... but there may be an opening somewhere for "Hair" !

You may be tired of your "bubblegum pop" or "former teen queen" monikers, but it is you that has always helped that image along in the press over the years, and being in Playboy is not the way to appear "mature".  What do I mean, simply put, when you are on tv, you play mostly all the "old" hits and not much of your newer tracks.

What will happen if you ever had a son, what would you tell him, and would you let him ogle at pictures of you, or he'll find them on the internet before you tell him?  Maybe he'll be picked on in school too because of it (school children always manage to find these things out).

Doing Playboy, you have successfully detracted people from talking about what you are known for most, your singing and acting, to Deborah the porn wannabe.  To that end, the Playboy picture spread will have failed in their purpose, and will forever "haunt" you.

I hope you feel that doing the Playboy photos and the consequences it will bring will be worth it.

Yours disappointingly,