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Page last updated 13 November 2009 at 20:29 UTC

Privacy statement

The following is a list of things that is and is not done on this site.

  • Cookies are not used on this site.

  • Any information you supply when you email me is not given to any third party, the information is kept strictly confidential, unless...
    1. You state otherwise.
    2. Other extenuating circumstances possible (legal for example).

  • When you subscribe to the update list for this site, you will not be added to a junk email list, your details will not be sold, hired or anything else to any third party.

  • When you submit a posting to the guestbook, a log of your machines IP is kept.  This is to have some traceability for me if there are abusive postings.  The actual IP your machine generates is not displayed to any viewer of the guestbook.

  • Certain activities are monitored on the site to see how popular certain pages or downloads are.  These activities as you browse are not tied to you individually or your machine, so I do not know who visited what - just that something was visited.
    1. Exception for certain individuals.
    2. Exception for certain companies that use spam bots.